The Giver

The guiding light from on high supplies the Giver.

The GIVER has no color, size, or shape.

For the GIVER is transparent, not opaque.

The GIVER takes care of the needy ones,

And carries out what needs to be done.

The GIVER doesn’t seek accolades from mankind,

But looks for the guiding light from on high.

The GIVER doesn’t see the task as momentary,

But regards the mission of giving as honorary.

The GIVER’s not exasperated by ongoing giving,

But sees generosity as liberating.

The GIVER doesn’t grudgingly overextend,

The GIVER gives according to their heart’s content.

The GIVER’s gift is never evanescent,

Their contribution is meaingful and incandescent.

The GIVER may live in a city, a village, or in a small town

But the capital of LOVE is their hometown.

May all the GIVERS continue to be blessed,

And may we who receive glorify their gifts.

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