Life and Death

Africa, West Africa, Ghana, Wli Falls. Wli Waterfalls in the middle of the mountains in Ghana.

DEATH you leave alone because you have little or no control. LIFE you embrace because it is yours alone. Once you see LIFE is yours, what will you do with it?

Neither money nor glitter make for a good life. How you treat yourself and others is the key.

Will you spend it improving conditions here on earth? Will you spend it discovering PEACE within yourself? Will you accept people as they are and strive to understand their circumstances?

Will you spend it helping others and knowing that service is guided by a HIGHER SPIRIT?

Will you help MOTHER EARTH to breathe? Will you acknowledge the bounty she has given to contribute to our longevity? Will you make peace with the water that is critical to our survival?

Or, will you help others suspecting a con? Will you speak about the earth’s beauty, and then do harm?

When you give yourself to LIFE, then LIFE explains to DEATH why you should live.

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