Temple of Nyame Dua

Our Projects

partnering to improve lives

With the generous help of committed people in the States and in Ghana, Temple of Nyame Dua has been partnering with villages in Ghana for 25 years to

    • build and repair wells,
    • renovate several schools,
    • build a medical clinic,
    • build a library and literacy center,
    • build a school,
    • provide sports equipment to village football teams and school programs,
    • support a village eye clinic,
    • contribute to school and college fees for promising students,
    • provide clothing for families in need,
    • offer an annual Xmas celebration for children,
    • offer 100 pairs of shoes for 100 children,
    • give cooking oil and rice to widows in a small village, and
    • provide laptops with RACHEL for the literacy center,
    • donate school and office supplies to individual schools and school district headquarters, and
    • contribute to the revitalization of a computer lab in Tamale.

We thank everyone who has contributed financially and with their prayers.


We are helping to build a school in Mmoframfadwene, a small village that educates its own and neighboring children, and we are helping to renovate the Besease School. This school has not been refurbished in 25 years.

Supporting Institutions and Individuals

Supplies - ongoing

Temple of Nyame Dua provides school and office supplies as well as sports equipment, supplies to the Baakyo-Adamfo Medical Clinic (completed in 2010), eyeglasses for a village clinic, football equipment for village teams, books and laptops for the Adamfo-Pa Library and Literacy Center, laptops for the computer lab in the North, and shoes for children.

Special Projects

AKA Sorority, Inc. Xi Omega Chapter donation

The Xi Omega chapter of the AKA Sorority, Inc. purchased bookbags and supplied them with special items for girls and young women. Temple of Nyame Dua distributed the bookbags with the guidance of the School District Commissioner.

helping to provide essentials: Clean water and provisions

We have partnered with Water for Children Africa to build and repair several wells. We are grateful for their assistance in providing clean water to villages in need. Below are women receiving provisions at the end of the year.