Temple of Nyame Dua

Who We Are

Our Meaning and mission

Meaning.  Nyame Dua literally means God’s Tree in Akan Twi, the language of the Ashanti people of Ghana. God’s Tree is the sacred site where the powers of Heaven and Earth unite and where human beings come to know who they are.

It is a place of magnificent change, growth, and infinite possibility. It is where we may learn the truth of seasons, cycles, and regeneration. It is where we can appreciate endurance, patience, introspection, adaptability, rootedness, and reach.

Under God’s Tree, the wise gather to ensure the balance and harmony of the people.

Mission.  Temple of Nyame Dua is dedicated to serving Onyame (Almight God), Asaase Yaa (Mother Earth), the Abosom (the Deities), the Nsamanfo (Our Cherished Ancestors), and humankind. Through the guidance of traditional Akan philosophy and practices, we seek to foster love, peace, happiness, and justice for all persons.

To that end, we sponsor projects to enhance access to clean water, healthcare, and education. We also aim to promote wholesome relationships between men and women, parents and children, neighbors, and persons in the U.S. and in Africa. We are a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Our aspirations are large. We advance our mission through small, sure steps. We believe, as the proverb teaches, that constant, gentle rain fills the mighty river.

Below, Boti Falls in the Eastern Region of Ghana

"Our being has nothing to do with who we think we are; our being is who we know Onyame/God to be."

--Voices from Within, Nana Kweku

We Offer Extraordinary Experiences

We offer

  • prayer,
  • spiritual guidance for individuals, families, neighbors, organizations, and communities,
  • conflict reduction interventions,
  • practical solutions to meet the demands of everyday living as well as emergency situations,
  • consultation regarding rites of passage for youth,
  • marriage rites,
  • naming ceremonies,
  • home and business blessings,
  • homegoings,
  • 40-day rites,
  • annual commemorations, and
  • study tours of West Africa.

We do our utmost to help people realize who they are and the value of their lives.

A Path Defined by Many Friends

This brief video gives some perspective on how Temple of Nyame Dua came to be. It speaks to the Temple’s focus on relationship building and contributing to the well-being of children and their families. Since the video was completed in 2014, we finished building the library. Please find more about our projects by clicking, “learn more.”